Manhattan Beach Counseling Center

We know how overwhelming life and its challenges can feel  at times.    


 As much as most of us would like to change some aspect of our life, what makes change seem so daunting? 

 You’d think it would be easy – or at least doable – without too much pain. Right? 

 In a lot of ways, we even know what needs to shift (either in our behavior or our thinking), yet we keep finding ourselves “plugged in” to the same old triggers: mom checks in on why we’re still single, dad makes a comment about our kids, our spouse questions a decision we made – and the same old feelings show up and our intention to do something different goes out the window. What happens? And how can we change it?

 Most behavior (or coping styles) we use today actually started when we were younger; they originally worked and served a real purpose. Like, not speaking up when an adult would speak badly to us – staying quiet made it (the possibility of bad feelings or worse consequences) go away faster. But now we’re adults and when we don’t speak up, we become resentful and find it difficult to stay connected, loving, or respectful. It’s like we think the people in our lives should JUST KNOW what we want, like they can read our minds! We know that’s not true, and yet we still find change difficult. 

​ Debra can help you get out of the same old rut that feels so bad by giving you some different skills and coping mechanisms that you can use when that same old trigger (or person) shows up. Isn’t it time?