Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years when Franz Anton Mesmer (the reason it was originally called “mesmerizing”) found it was useful for patients undergoing surgery.  Prior to that, patients often died on the operating table because of shock, to both their minds and bodies. 

But what can it do for you today, you ask.  Great question!  Because hypnosis utilizes the power of your own brain, it has unlimited potential for helping you make all kinds of changes: from changing your blood pressure and speeding up post-surgery healing, to changing your eating habits, to improving your study habits and testing results, to increasing your sense of self-worth!  It is truly amazing.


"debra cucci is masterful in her field. i have had the most wonderful and positive experience with hypnosis that debra facilitated. i originally contacted debra regarding a swallowing issue that had escalated to a point where i was in tremendous fear. after ONE session (which i went into doubtful that i could even enter a hypnotic state), my fear subsided considerably (i felt 80% "recovered"), and by the third session i was back to feeling myself. words cannot adequately describe the experience i have each time debra has worked her hypnosis magic with me. besides being accomplished in the area of hypnosis (she really knows her stuff), debra is a wonderful person to just sit and talk with. always welcoming and kind. it is reassuring to know that this gentle and peaceful intervention with a highly skilled and artful hypnotherapist is available whenever needed. thank you, debra!"  -EM


"In December of 2003, Debra Cucci hypnotized my husband prior to his having an open-heart surgery. The hypnosis was to help with anxiety prior to the surgery and for pain management afterwards. It was amazing, my husband came out of his surgery virtually pain free. Having had other friends and family members who have the same type of surgery, I am certain that the hypnosis performed by Debra Cucci was responsible for an amazing and almost pain free recovery." -BC


"I have used Debra's services several times with great success. The one session that sticks out to me the most was asking Debra to help me breakthrough my mental block when trying to pass the California Real Estate Brokers exam. I had failed at four previous attempts to do so. After seeing Debra for hypnosis for this specific reason, I passed the test with flying colors. I highly recommend Debra Cucci, if you're looking for a breakthrough in any aspect of your life. Thanks a million Debra! :)"  -WC


"i did this because i couldn't pass the electrical state exam i didn't know why but my mom told me i should be hypnotized. At first i didn't think it would do anything but i had nothing to lose because i couldn't pass my test anyway, so i tried it and sure enough i passed the test, i got a 87%. So for everyone out there wondering if it works it does just try it out you have nothing to lose only something to gain."  -CH


Because every person is different, the outcome you
will achieve may be different.
But, what have you got to lose by giving it a shot?